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Portfolio Management

Gold Coast Fund Asset Management is an investment management and advisory firm licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission and National Pension regulatory authority in Ghana.

GCAM is set up to manage funds such as Collective investment scheme, Tier 2 Pension Fund scheme and Tier3 Provident fund as well as provide investment advisory service to both retail and institutional investors.

The unit manages two collective investment schemesnamely;Gold Fund unit trustand Gold Money Market fund. These Collective Investment Schemes are the right investment vehicle for those who want to invest regular amount and benefit from the service of our professional money management team. We select optimum asset mix in our portfolio of investments which enables us to diversify along asset classes to reducerisk to a level that is not available to you if you choose to invest in the capital and money marketyourself.

Gold Money Market Fund is an open-ended money market fund which invests in money market instruments including Government of Ghana Treasury bill and bonds, high quality corporate bonds, commercial papers and certificate of deposits.
Gold Fund Unit Trust is a unit trust that seeks to achieve long term capital growth and current income for its unit holders. Investment is predominately in listed shares.

Gold Coast Asset Management is a licenced Pension Fund Manager for various Pension Trustees.

Tier 3 Provident Fund is a fund into which workers contribute a portion of salaries and employer must contribute on behalf of the workers.
Tier 2 A mandatory contributory schemes with monthly contribute of 5% on the basic salary of all employeses.The schemes will pay out a lump-sum benefit to individuals upon retirement, which comprised of all contributions made under the scheme plus all return earned on their contributions.
Fund Management Expertise : Gold Coast Fund Management has been adjudged Fund Manager of the year by the Ghana Investment Award over the last three years and the Fund is managed by a team of seasoned portfolio managers supported by solid research team.

Gold Fund Unit Trust

The Gold Fund Unit Trust Scheme (GFUT) is a unit trust scheme that seeks to maximize returns, through pooling of funds for long term investment.

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Gold Money Market Fund

Gold Money Market Fund is a collective investment scheme which pools people’s money to participate in a wider range of investments than would be possible for most individual investors, sharing the costs and benefits of doing so.

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Pension & Provident Fund

The Pension & Provident Fund is usually for a specific group of people, usually employees of a particular company or members of a certain organization. The

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